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How to Choose a Perfect 100 inch TV? 6 Point you need to know before making the final decision

Stepping into the realm of 100 Inch TVs is like entering a world where entertainment becomes a spectacle. The sheer size and immersive experience make choosing the right one a crucial decision.

Before diving into the technicalities, it’s essential to align your choice with your lifestyle. Consider how a 100 Inch TV seamlessly integrates into your daily routines and elevates your entertainment experiences.

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1. Understanding Display Technology


Quantum Dot Colour
Full Array Local Dimming
Depend on Availability*
TV Processor
Hi-View Engine
Depend on Availability**
4K AI Upscale
Depend on Availability**
AI Picture Optimisation
Depend on Availability**
Smooth Motion
Depend on Availability**

*Some QLED TVs will not include Full-Array Local Dimming, but will replace it with other similar technologies for better contrast

**4K AI Upscale, AI Picture Optimisation and Smooth Motion are all supported by the TV processor, so no processor means no these features

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Mini-LED vs OLED

Picture Quality

For more details for the comparison, please check Mini LED vs OLED: 5 Factors you should know before buying a new TV

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2. Sizing Up Your Space

When eyeing a 100-inch TV, it’s not just about the impressive diagonal size. Understanding the actual dimensions is key to ensuring a harmonious fit in your living space. Beyond the screen, think about the spatial impact on room design, seating arrangements, and overall aesthetics.  It’s recommended to maintain a distance of 3.7 meters from a 100-inch TV

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3. Audio Considerations

  • A visually stunning display demands equally impressive audio. Explore the importance of surround sound systems in creating an immersive home theater experience.
  • Dolby Atmos takes audio to new heights by providing a three-dimensional sound experience. Understand how this technology can enhance your overall viewing pleasure.
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4. Smart TV Capabilities

  •  AI Integration for Intelligent Viewing

    – TV capabilities go beyond streaming services, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your viewing experience. Experience personalized recommendations and seamless smart home integration. Additionally, certain TVs offer 4K AI Upscale, enhancing 2K resolution to near 4K for a superior visual experience.

  • Smart Home Compatibility
    -A 100 Inch TV becomes the centerpiece of a smart home. Assess its compatibility with your existing or planned smart home ecosystem.
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5. Gaming Features

For gaming enthusiasts, high refresh rates are crucial. Uncover the gaming-specific features that ensure a lag-free and immersive gaming experience. For example, the TV that provide 144Hz Refresh Rate, AMD FreeSync Premium and VRR + ALLM will give you a unbeatable gaming experience. Lastly, please ensure that your chosen TV is ready for the future by verifying its compatibility with the latest gaming consoles, promising an unparalleled gaming experience.
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6. Warranty and Support

a) Understanding Warranty Terms

Examine manufacturer warranties for your TV investment. In the Singapore market, a standard warranty period is 3 years, but beware of terms like ‘1+2’ or ‘online registration only,’ which may void the warranty. Check if the seller provides on-site service or requires buyers to visit a service center.

b) Assessing Customer Support Quality

Evaluate the quality of customer support provided by manufacturers to ensure timely assistance in case of issues or queries.

Compile your priorities based on the insights gained from each aspect discussed. This compilation becomes the foundation for making the ultimate choice. As you embark on the journey of choosing a 100 Inch TV, envision the exciting future of home entertainment that awaits you. Embrace the possibilities, and let your selected TV redefine your cinematic experience at home.

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