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L9H 4K TriChroma Laser Cinema TV


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L9H 4K TriChroma Laser Cinema TV

Discover New Expanse Colour
Dolby Vision
Dolby Atmos
3000 lumens
Wide Colour Gamut
BT.2020 107%
hdr 10+
HDR 10+
Ultra Motion
Smooth Motion
ALLM Game Mode
cinema 120
ALR Screen Include
Ambient Light Sensor
Light Sensor
Hisense L9H Laser Cinema TV - Awards

Lead Technology Iteration

With many awards and more than 1900 applied patents, Hisense is the pioneer in the Laser Cinema TV industry and continue to produce cutting-edge product.


Applied patents



*Till the end of Nov 30, 2022


Dolby Vision

hdr 10+

HDR 10+

Incredibly Vivid Details

Whether you want to catch up on the latest content from Prime Video, or YouTube, or simply enjoy some time with your favourite immersive games. Laser Cinema TV delivers original content with better detail in the shadows and brighter highlights.

*HDR10+ and HLG decoding

Hisense L9H Laser Cinema TV - Dolby Vision HDR 10
Hisense L9G Laser Cinema 3000 Lumens brightness light
3000 lumens


Unparalleled Brightness

With 3000 Lumens brightness together and an ALR screen, bright, vivid images will pop from Hisense Trichroma Laser TVscreen. High Luminance uniformity ensures the brightness at each position on the screen stays consistent, then generates brighter images.

*Peak brightness data from Hisense internal lab

Wide Colour Gamut

BT.2020 107%

Colour Redefined

The top colour standard of the future of TV is BT.2020. The higher the colour gamut, the more colour the display shows. Hisense widened the colour gamut to 107% BT.2020, so when you watch on Trichroma Laser TV, the visuals will always exceed your expectations.

*HDR10+ and HLG decoding

Hisense L9G Laser Cinema Color Beyond Your Imagination BT.2020 107%
Hisense L9G Laser Cinema Lead Technology Iteration
trichroma icon

Triple Colour Laser Light

True to Life Detail

The RGB triple colour Laser light source generates the three coloured parts of a picture in parallel, generating improved colour representation and brightness uniformity. Wider colour gamut and improvements in the Trichroma laser engine and ambient light rejection screen creates images more closely resembling what the human eyes truly sees.

pure color

Pure Color

For Lifelike Images

The pure triple laser light source creates ultra-realistic images b presenting more real and natural colours, you’ll be refreshed by what you see.

Hisense L9H Laser Cinema TV - Pure Color
Hisense L9G Smart Entertainment

A Real Smart TV

Enjoy Smarter Entertainment

Easy to operate smart customisable interface. Get video on demand including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and etc. Just like a smart tv. It has a built-in TV tuner, which can receive, process and display the broadcasting TV signal.

Enjoy Own Cinema at Home

3.5m Viewing Distance

The 3.5-meter viewing experience with the 120-inch ALR large screen change your living room into a home theatre and you will be able to experience movies as the directors intended.

Hisense L9G Laser Cinema 3.5 meter
Hisense L9G Laser Cinema 120 ALR Screen
cinema 120

ALR Screen

Enjoy 120" ALR Big Screen

The ultra short throw Trichroma Laser TV projects a colourful and bright 4K image onto a 120″ ambient light rejection (ALR) screen designed for watching in any room in the house. The picture is bright and detailed in all types of lighting, letting you enjoy the ultimate big TV viewing experience in a variety of room conditions.


4K Resolution

4K UHD Picture Quality

4K Ultra HD brings over 8 million pixels to create a whole new world on an extra-large ALR screen. Images are sharper, brighter and shown in their true colours just the way the director intended for you to see them.

Hisense L9G Laser Cinema UHD 4K
Hisense L9G Laser Cinema Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos

Cinema-Level Blockbuster Audio Experience

Redefine your living room’s sound with Dolby Atmos®, and 40 watt superior front firing built-in speakers immersing you in the action with powerful audio that flows all around you, Hisense Trichroma Laser TV completes the home cinema experience.

Ambient Light Sensor

Ambient Light Rejection

Great Picture in Any Condition

Hisense Trichroma Laser TV’s ambient light rejection screen utilises anti-glare technology, blocking over 85% of glare. The picture is bright and detailed in all types of lighting, letting you enjoy the ultimate large-screen viewing experience from any room.

Hisense L9G Laser Cinema Ambient Light Rejection Screen
Hisense L9G Laser Cinema MEMC Ultra Motion


Ultra Motion

Smooth Motion

Say No Judder to Picture

Watch the action unfold seamlessly with Smooth Motion, MEMC Technology, with a microsecond-level processor response time, a motion rate 10-times faster than OLED can be delivered. Blur and screen lag is reduced, clarity is enhanced, giving you a smooth picture and fluid action.


Auto-Low Input Mode

Level Up Your Favorite Title

L9H Trichroma Laser TV is great for gaming. Its Auto-Low Latency Mode (ALLM) automatically detects when you’ve fired up your next-gen gaming console and automatically optimizes TV settings to give you lag-free gameplay.

Game Mode PRo
Filmmaker mode

Filmmaker Mode

Watch Cinema Quality

120-inch big screen Laser TV with Filmmaker Mode will retain original settings to display the most authentic movie scenes. Change your living room into a home theatre and you will be able to experience movies as the directors intended.

*FILMMAKER MODE™ logo is a trademark of UHD Alliance, Inc.

Hisense L9G Laser Cinema Fit Anywhere

30.3 cm

Fit Anywhere

120L9G Trichroma Laser TV utilizes Ultra Short Throw technology which can display high quality images from a short distance to the TV. Very convenient and fits in any room.

Hisense L9G Laser Cinema Safety Sensor

Safety Sensor

Eye Protection

Hisense creates technology to care for your health. The brightness of Laser light beams will be reduced sharply when objects* are near to the front of the TV console to protect your eyes.

Hisense L9G Laser Cinema TUV blue light

TUV certified

Easy on The Eyes

No matter if you are binging on boxset or watching the ultimate trilogy, thanks to the TUV certified blue light technology, tired eyes are a thing of the past. Because the image is reflected in to your eyes viewing for long periods of time are a breeze.

Hisense L9G Laser Cinema 25000h life

25,000 hours

Excellent Longevity

X-Fusion™ technology adopts precise light sources to ensure 25000+ hours of entertainment and the watching over 10000 movies* , making your viewing experience full of unparalleled realism.

Hisense L9G Laser Cinema Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth Remote

360° Voice Control From All Angle

Control your TV no matter which direction you point. Just press 1 button and speak, the TV will do the rest.

2.4 5G

Dual Wi-Fi

3x Faster

Better image and higher resolution need faster wifi speed to ensure no buffer during watching.

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3840 x 2160


3, eARC



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