65"/75"/86" Advanced Interactive Display - Touch Screen TV

Hisense Interactive Display solutions deliver unrivalled performance and market-leading value. Combining the power of a digital display, tablet, electronic whiteboard and video conference device, Hisense delivers the ultimate all-in-one display solution. Superior processors and the latest touch technology provide best-in-class user experiences while seamless wireless integration makes collaboration both simple and engaging. The WR6BE features an optically bonded display for an enhanced touch experience and an optional 4K USB camera.


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Touch Screen TV

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4K Ultra HD
Hisense B2B-WR6BE powerful arch Icon
Powerful Architecture
Hisense B2B-WR6BE android Icon
Windows* & Android
Hisense B2B-WR6BE smooth touch Icon
Smooth Touch
Hisense B2B-WR6BE accurate as analog Icon
Accurate As Analog
Hisense B2B-WR6BE input camera Icon
Plug-in Camera*
Hisense B2B-WR6BE touch pen Icon
Touch Pen
Hisense B2B-WR6BE multi voting selection Icon
Multi-voting Selection

Windows & Android

Dual Operation System

Choose Windows* or Android as your operating systems to meet specific needs for applications or integration with other digital devices.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE

Superior Interactivity & Performance

Hisense B2B-WR6BE accurate as analog Icon

Accurate as analog

The IR software precisely recognizes touch points as little as 2 mm making it as accurate as the experience of writing with pen and paper.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE powerful arch Icon

Powerful Architecture

Expect unstoppable performance by an octa-core processor and 3+32GB large memory.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE collaborative interaction Icon

Collaborative interaction

The touchscreen recognizes up to 20 touches at once which is ideal for simultaneous use by meeting participants.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE smooth touch Icon

Smooth Touch

The built-in whiteboard app allows users to smoothly write, draw and erase information on-screen through touch, either by hand or with a stylus pen.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE intuitive-controls Icon

Intuitive controls

With your fingers, you will among other things, be able to switch between tasks, annotate content from any source, make handwritten notes, zoom in / out and undo changes.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE android Icon

Smooth and speedy processing

The open Android platform not only guarantees smooth processing, but also supports the installation of Android-based application.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE versatile operating system Icon

Versatile Operating System

The WR series support OPS (Open Pluggable Standard) which will give you the ability to choose between Windows and Android as your operating system to fit specific needs for applications or integration with other digital devices.

Hardware To Immerse Your Crowd

Hisense B2B-WR6BE 4k uhd Icon

4K Ultra HD

The 4K Ultra HD picture quality ensures perfect colour and rich details in all possible surroundings. With a high 85% NTSC (122.9% sRGB) colour gamut and 178° wide viewing angle.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE screen transmission Icon

Screen transmission

The WR series interactive digital boards can wirelessly connect with two or more auxiliary screen devices. Near-Field Communication (NFC) touch transmission and A&C screen transmission simplify this process.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE
Hisense B2B-WR6BE input camera Icon

Plug-in camera*

A plug-in camera with an ultra wide 120° angle facilitates videoconferencing. Thanks to a 4K monitoring image sensor, even people in dark light will be visible and vivid.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE array micro Icon

Array microphones*

Six array microphones are able to folter out any ambient noise. As a result you will have an optimal video conference experience without auditory distraction.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE automatic sound bar Icon

Automatic sound bar

The power of the sound bar can be turned on or off simultaneously with the interactive digital board. Creating an instant auditive experience.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE

Ease Of Use For Lecturers And Audience

Hisense B2B-WR6BE touch pen Icon

Touch pen

The double headed touch pen has a tip for writing and a cap to erase even the tiniest details. The pen has a write delay as low as 35ms, which makes it feel like you’re writing on actual paper.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE dynamic graphic Icon

Dynamic graphics

Drawn graphics are not only colourful but can also be easily stretched, rotated, moved or copied. You can also change the colour of objects by selecting them.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE homepage article bar Icon

Homepage article bar

An easy to find and use homepage article bar enables quick access to functionalities such as a calculator, voting machine and magnifying glass.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE multi voting selection Icon

Multi-voting selection

Multi-selections can be realized onscreen, when spectators vote by smartphone. Making sure ideas and solutions can be selected, grouped and handled for better group session results.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE real-time-comments Icon

Real-time comments

Spectator comments will pop up onscreen in real-time. Also, they will scroll with the page, so no remarks are missed. All without interrupting the person handling the screen.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE input method setting Icon

Input method setting

WR series interactive digital boards come with Google Gboard pre-installed as software keyboard. Users can customize the system default input method and/or install their software of preference.

Smart Tools For Effective Collaboration

Hisense B2B-WR6BE

Video Conferencing

Hisense’s WR series has certified its compatibility with mainstream video conference software, such as Cisco Webex, Zoom & Microsoft Teams, to bring you an integrated remote video experience.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE

Drawing & content recognition

Hisense’s WR series is equipped with intelligent drawing recognition technology, which recognizes squares, circles, triangles, arrows, line segments, etc.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE

Split Screen

During a meeting two files can be shown, compared, switched, zoomed, turned or annotated at the same time. And besides supporting two-way mirroring and two-way touch Hisense’s WR series also enable a four-way Split Screen.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE

Wireless Casting

Besides connecting your laptop through regular cabled methods, you can also connect with one touch using the included dongle. Plug it into your laptop & the content will instantly show on the board through fast & stable transmission.
(supports iOS / Android / Windows / Mac)

Easy On The Eyes Immersive For The Ears

Hisense B2B-WR6BE tempered glass Icon

Tempered Glass

Hisense’s WR series have heat treated tempered glass preventing any damage to the touch panels.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE anti glare Icon


Optical technology diffuses mirror-like reflections & bright lights to help keep what’s on your screen clear & visible.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE immersive sound Icon

Immersive Sound

Thanks to embedded dual-channel Dolby sound the Hisense WR series will give their users & audiences a cinematic audio-visual experience.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE comfortable viewing Icon

Comfortable viewing

Each of our Interactive Digital Boards has a filter to effectively reduce blue light so your eyes remain comfortable even when using the screen for longer periods of time.

Hisense B2B-WR6BE
Hisense B2B-WR6BE


Hisense B2B-WR6BE user manual icon

User Manual

Hisense B2B-WR6BE remote control icon

Remote Control

Hisense B2B-WR6BE wireless cast icon

Wireless Cast

Hisense B2B-WR6BE power cable icon

Power Cable

Hisense B2B-WR6BE stylus pen icon

Stylus Pen

Hisense B2B-WR6BE wall mount icon

Wall Mount Bracket

Hisense B2B-WR6BE battery icon


Hisense B2B-WR6BE input camera Icon

Camera [optional]

Hisense B2B-WR6BE Ops icon

OPS Kit [optional]

Hisense B2B-WR6BE mobile cart icon

Mobile Cart [optional]


Hisense B2B-WR6BE USB 3 icon

USB 3.0

Hisense B2B-WR6BE hdmi icon

HDMI In [Front]

Hisense B2B-WR6BE type c icon

USB Type C

Hisense B2B-WR6BE ethernet icon


Hisense B2B-WR6BE USB icon


Hisense B2B-WR6BE rs232 icon

RS 232

Hisense B2B-WR6BE headphone icon


Hisense B2B-WR6BE touch t icon


Hisense B2B-WR6BE hdmi icon

HDMI In & Out [Rear]

Hisense B2B-WR6BE digital audio icon




Hisense B2B-WR6BE digital audio icon

Digital Audio Out

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3840 x 2160





User Manual & Control Guide

Below you’ll find all the guides, such as how to connect HDMI, Pair Bluetooth etc.

User Manual

External RS232 Control Guide