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Pushing the boundaries of innovation since 1969


Hisense 1969

Qingdao No. 2 Radio Factory was established.


Hisense 1979

Qingdao No. 2 Radio Factory renamed as “Qingdao TV Factory”.


Hisense introduced the world-class color TV production line production line.


Hisense 1993 logo

In 1993, “Qingdao brand” was officially renamed “Hisense”. In March of that year, the new trademark was officially registered.


Hisense 2004

First Flat-Panel TV Being Sold in China


Hisense 2005

Hisense Chip Born
Hisense launched China’s first digital video post-processing chip with independent intellectual property rights.


Hisense proposed the strategy: overseas markets are the focus of Hisense’s future. Hisense 2006 Kelon Hisense 2006 Ronshen

Hisense acquired Kelon Electrical & Ronshen


Hisense 2007

Hisense TV Line
Hisense TV LCD module production line was put into production, which is the first LCD module production line in China’s color TV industry, breaking the history of foreign monopoly.


Hisense 2014

Hisense launched the world’s first 100-inch ultra-short throw Laser TV


Hisense 2017 Toshiba

Hisense acquired TOSHIBA Co., Ltd, accelerate global expansion.


Hisense 2018 gorenje

Acquisition of TVS & European home appliances firm Gorenje.


International Holdings of Vidda
Hisense 2019 vidda

Hisense released the world’s first dual cell TV
Hisense 2019 Dual Cell TV


Hisense 2020

Hisense rolled out Laser TV, social TV, etc, grabbing industry-wide attention.


Hisense 2021 Sanden

Hisense acquired Japan’s Sanden Holdings Corporation.


Hisense 2022 Singapore

Hisense landed in Singapore.

Global Oversea Business Layout

Hisense-Overview Business

Hisense is now in Singapore!

Hisense started its oversea business development in 1988. With the maturity and success of markets in South Africa, Australia, Europe, and North America, Hisense established more branches around the globe. For now, Hisense is here in Singapore to deliver our leading technologies to your home.

 Hisense built R&D centres and production bases around the world, enabling the development of advanced technologies and acquiring other world-class tech companies and talent. It has given Hisense the upper hand in meeting the demand of our consumers worldwide. 

Brands of Hisense

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Hisense has acquired various famous brands worldwide. As the parent brand, Hisense operates TOSHIBA, gorenje, ASKO, HITACHI, Ronshen, SANDEN, YORK, etc.

Awards of Hisense

Hisense Overview Awards

Since 1969, Hisense has been striving to push the boundaries of innovation, working tirelessly on the research and development of electronics products for the home. It’s this dedication to developing and producing cutting-edge technology that has led us to earn the following awards recently*

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Hisense Product

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Global Partnership

Hisense Overview Global Partnership

Hisense is dedicated to partnering with other famous brands around the globe. Through the partnership with various industries, we aim to gain more insights into consumer needs and strive to improve our product to provide better service for our customers.