Innovation through Experience

As one of the global technology leaders from China, Hisense aims to reimage your future and realise your dreams through our advanced technologies.

Hisense ULED

Local Dimming Backlight Control Technology

The Hisense ULED, with multi-zone local dimming backlight control technology as the core, combines wide color gamut and image processing technology to improve the image quality display effect of liquid crystal screen and contains more than 210 technological patent innovations. Hisense names this technology the “ULED” and “U” is short for “ultra”, implying “Ultimate”.

Technology FALD Pro

Hisense ULED TVs deliver detailed, exquisite and lifelike images by Hisense’s state-of-the-art LED backlight control and color management technologies, as well as a set of algorithms. ULED Technology elevates the overall picture quality to a remarkable level with authentic colour, brilliant contract, clear motion, and distinct details.

Technology Quantum Dot Colour

Step into a new world of colours with 1 billion+ shade. Quantum ULED TV reals the colours that we discover in the real world and reproduce a larger color pallette with beautiful gradation.

Technology Quantum Dot Colour TV


Ultra Short Throw Laser TV Technology

Hisense produced the world’s first 100-inch ultra short throw laser TV, 100-inch 4K ultra short throw laser TV, ultra short throw dual-color laser TV and the world’s first 300-inch laser cinema. At CES in 2019, Hisense released the 70-inch TriChroma laser TV, which is the first time for the industry to test the size of laser TV to 70 inches and is also the first time to apply the three-color laser display technology into small- and medium-sized televisions.

Technology Laser TV
Technology Trichroma

Approaching real life quality

Technology Trichroma Colour

Hisense Hi-View Engine

Image Quality Chip Technology

Hisense has established a highly vertically integrated industrial chain layout from the core chip to the display. Through continuous research & development and iteration of image quality processing chips such as “Hi View”, Hisense has accumulated a large amount of experience in chip research & development and manufacturing. The “8K AI Picturesque Scene Engine Chip” has been under development and entering the master chip industry is under way.

Technology Hi View Engine
Technology OLED

Hisense OLED

Perfect Black, Sharp Contrast & Saturated Colours

OLED means organic LED which every pixel is independent and can be switched ON/OFF for infinity. As a 4K TV, every Hisense OLED TV has 8,294,400 pixels, working like more than 8 million tiny lights. As a result, the edge between dark and bright is really clear and sharp.

Technology OLED Pro


Technology OLED Colourful

Employing sophisticated optics and colour enhancement technologies in OLED TV brings a wider pallet of colours vividly to life. Oversaturated and unnatural colours are a thing of the past, as only vivid yet authentic colours are produced, so the viewing experience is closer than ever to the real world.

Technology OLED Colour

Hisense Mini-LED Pro

Re-introducing lights & blacks

To make ULED and Quantum Dot perfect, Hisense introduced Mini-LED PRO* technology to this series. 50 times smaller* in size compared to common LEDs, Hisense Mini-LEDs are dedicated to delivering deeper blacks, brighter highlights with even more precision. With every detail in the darks becoming visible, the picture is more breathtaking than ever.

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It’s all about Vidaa

As one of the leading smart OS, VIDAA offers users access to over 200 global and local aplications and it is expanding its library of content each month. VIDAA is possibly faster than any streaming app in the market now. The UI is incredibly snappy when switching between apps, and intuitive for searching your favourite shows across various video platforms. Hisense strive to make that experience the best that it can be so that you can spend more time educating, entertaining or amusing you and your family instead of deciding what to watch.

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