Do I really need a new soundbar with my smart TV?

Soundbar with Smart TV

Soundbar: Do I really need it for my smart TV?

It seems like just ten years ago, if we bought any entry-level LED TV, we could run the risk of a faulty screen pixel or something far worse.

Fast forward today, technology has evolved so much that we could get an awesome 4k smart TV with top picture quality for just a couple of hundred dollars.

Just as modern smart TV has advanced in visual display, the flat panel TV has also become thinner and thinner for a sleeker design.

Soundbar for smart TV
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Having such little space would limit the quality of speakers the smart TVs can accommodate. That’s why smart TVs can be amazing but they don’t sound good at all, simply because of a lack of space.

It doesn’t matter how “high end” your smart TV is, or whether your TV size is a 55-inch or 85-inch model, there is no chance it could produce any good audio quality at all.

The moment the volume is turned up, the sound would be distorted and muddy. You could hear the jarring, buzzing, and skipping effect at high volume.

Are you aware of the inferior audio in your home theater?

If you are not, that’s really quite normal.

Most of us overlook the importance of sound quality in our home theater and the results are horrible sounding audio systems. We have this bizarre presumption that smart TVs come with top-class sound system!

Soundbar with Smart TV
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The “Dolby” effect in your smart TV and Netflix movie would mean nothing at all if your sound system is not set up to harness this technology.

The latest Netflix adventure movies come with Dolby Atmos audio. Viewers can’t ride on an emotional, fun adventure that’s enhanced with its absorbing audio effects with no proper set-up.

It’s not really too hard to fix the audio of your home system. The good news is most of us can do it.

Can a soundbar fix the quality of my home theater?

Any soundbar is better than no soundbar at all. Stereo speakers from TVs do not make a good enough home theater.

The “stereo” speakers for most TVs are only 20 watts, 10 watts on each of the speakers on two sides.

A soundbar can range between 60 to 400 watts in output and can drastically improve the sound quality of the home theater.

Soundbar with Smart TV
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The prices can range from $200 to $3000 depending on the type of sound quality you are willing to invest in.

Entry-level soundbars can produce fuller sound and clearer dialogue than TV speakers. The higher-end models will have deeper bass and better sound clarity to the point of achieving “surround sound”

How do I choose a soundbar that's based on my needs?

A soundbar is typically classified according to channels like 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1.

2.0 refers to 2 speakers and no subwoofer. A 7.1 system has 7 speakers and 1 sub-woofer.

There are 2 types of surround sound, Dolby Audio, and Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos has a more distinct surround sound effect.

Soundbar with Smart TV

Almost all models of soundbars come with Bluetooth for wireless connection to your mobile devices.

The higher the power output (e.g. 300W) of the soundbar, the better is the sound quality in general.

Brilliant ways a soundbar can boost the quality of your life

A soundbar can perk up and amplify your life in ways you might not have imagined. You could play the audio through your smart TV or you could connect it to your mobile devices via Bluetooth.

PS5 with soundbar
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These are ways a soundbar could play a part in your daily activities:

  • Clearer sound during Zoom dialogue in a conference while working from home
  • Watching Netflix movies in Dolby Atmos with 3D-sound in your home theater
  • Playing nice ambient music from Spotify during social gatherings
  • PS5 first-person simulator gaming in your living room

Which soundbar should I buy with a limited budget?

There are simply lots of branded soundbars available. You could get a value buy from Hisense HS212F for under S$300.

This soundbar has all the features to elevate your home theater to the next level. Check it out at the store.

There are a few models you could pick from at the store.

If you prefer to watch movies with surround sound, take a look at Hisense HS312 with the Dolby Atmos system.

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