Google TV vs Android TV

Google TV vs Android TV: 8 exciting features new users must know

Google TV vs Android TV

Discover the new exciting features of Google TV vs Android TV

For the many users of Google TV vs Android TV out there, let us first clear up the confusion with these two platforms.
Google TV is the latest TV platform by Google on various newer smart TV models in 2022.  The existing Android TV is still in play in many models today. 
Google TV is fundamentally still Android TV. In very simple terms, Google TV is the repackaged premium version of Android TV in 8 key areas of functionality.

Google TV is version 10 of Android whereas the latest version of Android TV is under version 9. Let us get a deep dive into these two platforms now.

User Interface

The most striking functionality of Google TV is when users first come into the Home Screen.

The user interface (UI) is a complete overhaul with great emphasis on the movies’ genre based on smart recommendations and personalized preference.

It makes it seem as though Google can predict what movies the user would love to see next and presents to them on the platter.

Google TV focuses on interaction and smart content curation derived from the likes and watchlists created by the user.

Google TV vs Android TV Interface
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Google TV lets users have easier access to their most viewed movies. It does this by combining relevant content from each streaming service on one interface so it makes search seem magically effortless.

For instance, you no longer have to jump from apps to apps like Netflix and Apple TV to search for your favorite movies, chances are it’s already on your home screen and you just need to scroll along with the list.

The whole collection of content would be presented to the user under the “For You” tab on Google TV

On the other hand, the UI of Android TV is more app-focused and less interactive.

There is, however, some improvements in recent updates to make Android TV’s UI more user-centric in the direction of Google TV.

Live TV

The other differentiating functionality is the Live TV tab on the UI of Google TV.

All preferred programs from the Live Channels would be pulled on displayed on a single interface, in the same way, the moment the Live TV tab is clicked on.


Google TV Live TV Tab
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Live content from sources like Youtube TV, Sling TV, and other live TV offers an array of programs from news, sports, entertainment that are broadcasted at the moment would be at the user’s fingertips.

Mobile Remote

Both Google TV vs Android TV enables the use of the mobile phone as a remote to control the TV.

The key difference with Google TV is the additional function of combining content browsing and personalized watchlist on the phone within the same Google TV App.

Google TV vs Android TV Remote
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It is a revolutionary move to merge all the capabilities of the remote with the device we carry at all times in the pocket. Movies could be added to the watchlist while we travel or having a cup of tea when away from the TV.

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Watchlist from mobile (Google TV App)

The Google TV app allows users to curate personalized content on any mobile device into the watchlist while away from the TV as mentioned above.

A movie could be instantly added to the list whilst having a conversation with a friend on the movie she has just recommended.

Google TV vs Android TV Watchlist
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The watchlist is personalized and unique only to the individual user’s profile belonging to the user.

The user can also use multiple devices to access the same watchlist with the same profile.

Individual Profile in Google Account

Another distinguishing function of Google TV is the introduction of individual user profiles enabled within the TV platform. This functionality expands the options for multiple users using the same smart TV for viewing.

Members within the same family can switch to their own profile to cater to their specific interests and viewing habits with ease.

Individual Profile in Google Account
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It’s a major break away from the single account Android TV and is a big move to define the way the smart TV is to be used.

It seems that Google TV has identified the issue of smart TV within a household that has multiple users and addressed it with this function.

Movies could be added to the watchlist while we travel or having a cup of tea when away from the TV.

Parental Control and Kids' Profile

This function is an extension to the personalized profiles feature by enhancing it to provide profiles for kids with content filters for parents to tailor.

The kid-friendly menu empowers parents to set and limit viewing time for kids in the household and filter out inappropriate content.

Parental Control and Kids Profile
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In this way, there will always be a collection of content to cater for each profiled user, be it a child or an adult.

Google TV vs Android TV, the former is definitely more child-safe in comparison when it comes to parents who are discerning over contents their kids would come across.

Full Smart Home Integration

Google TV is capable of connecting and integrating across a full smart home eco-system of devices seamlessly in the most intelligent way. Camera feeds can be viewed on the smart TV taken from the home security cameras when the doorbell is pressed.

GoogleTV Security Cam
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Smart lights can be dimmed when a movie is about to air on-screen and Google Duo can activate the webcam installed with smart TV when a video call is coming in.

Google assistant would act as the master voice controller across all the smart devices available.

Basic TV

Finally, the basic TV Mode is another important yet often overlooked function of Google TV. This is essentially a very useful feature for users to instantly switch the TV function at the click of a button.

This feature basically switches off all the smart functions and online connections and restore the TV to its basic function.

GoogleTV Hisense
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The TV now can only tune in to channels from antenna and support cable functions like gaming consoles and media players.

The chart below illustrates how Google TV presents more options than Android TV in terms of functionality and a friendlier user interface.

Comparison Google vs Android 1 1

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