Best Gaming TV in 2022

Top Gaming TV Review: 4 Best Gaming TV in 2022

4 Best Gaming TV in 2022

What type of TV is best for gaming? Gamers looking to upgrade and pick the best gaming TV in the market are spoilt for choice in today’s landscape. Established manufacturers are listening and designing the gaming TV you have always wanted it to be. 

Pundits of gaming-tech has assembled the list of best gaming TVs you can lay your hands on from these astute brands. All things being equal, we’ve made things easier for you as well, to decide based on the most common denominators.

Best Gaming TV in 2022
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Peak Brightness 700 Nits
Stars 8.5/10
Price Starting from $2,999
The Sony X90J is a 4k LED TV in the upper mid-range. It’s part of Sony’s 2021 BRAVIA series, below the Sony X95J, and it offers many of the same features as the higher-end model but lacks the same performance. Many of the most crucial functions for the best gaming TV for PS5 are covered by the X90J.
This TV has a peak brightness of more than 700 nits, which is higher than many other TVs in this price category. It’s still not quite the 1,000 nits that is considered the high-end standard, but it’s amazing in low-light situations.
HDMI Inputs 3 and 4 support 4K 120Hz, whereas HDMI Inputs 1 and 2 are HDMI 2.0B ports. Sony claims that the television supports auto low latency (ALLM) and variable refresh rate (VRR), however the latter isn’t yet activated.
At the time of release, neither Sony’s televisions nor the PlayStation 5 supported VRR (PS5). Sony claims that these functions can be enabled by firmware update, but the company is presently waiting for the HDMI VRR standard to be approved.
Fortunately, ALLM is supported and works well. When the X90J detects a gaming source, such as the PS5, it will immediately turn on the TV if it is turned off and switch to Game Mode. In return for reduced latency and input lag, Game Mode disables several of Sony’s processors used for high-quality visual content.

Best Gaming TV in 2022
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Peak Brightness 1200 Nits
Stars 9.7/10
Prices Starting from $1,899
In 2021, the U8 Series was both one of Hisense’s most award-winning and popular TVs. The Hisense U8H would be even significantly bigger and better this year, with more features and enhancements to reinforce the U8 Series as a flagship TV.
Breaking high end TV bottle neck of 1000 Nits, the U8H boasts bright colours, outstanding contrast. Thanks to a Mini LED update combined with Hisense’s ULED technology and Quantum Dot, this is TV at the forefront of technology. To accommodate the rising demand for higher screen sizes, the U8H now has a new 75-inch option for consumers who desire a magnificent image and picturesque screen size.
With a refresh rate of 120Hz, a peak brightness of up to 1200 nits, and picture enhancements such as IMAX enhanced, Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Vision IQ, state-of-the-art picture quality with Dolby IQ, and HDR10+, the U8H delivers superior brightness and outstanding contrast – taking picture quality to a new level and meeting the demands of consumers looking for a next-level audio-visual experience and latest upgrades.
Dolby Atmos for immersive sound, along with eARC compatibility, creates a complete surround-sound experience with wireless sound connectivity. Next-generation gaming features like as ultra-high-speed HDMI, auto-low-latency mode, VRR, Freesync, and Game Mode Pro setting will make the U8 Series a favourite among gamers as well as a well-rounded choice for the entire family.

Best Gaming TV in 2022
Hisense U8H

Peak Brightness 750 Nits
Stars 8.7/10
Prices Starting from $2,199
Since the C1 is an OLED TV, every pixel is self-lit, resulting in the darkest, deepest blacks possible without the occurrence of blooming. Other TVs have certainly come close to this through processing techniques, but nothing tops an OLED. This is especially noticeable in darker settings or scenarios that take place in space, when there is a clear contrast between a black sky and stars.
When assessing a product in a short period of time, it’s usually difficult to remark on burn-in. I realize it’s a legitimate concern for many OLED purchasers, but it’s not something I’ve encountered. I also know first-hand that LG has taken a lot of steps to improve this over the years, including pixel
The C1’s main advancements over 2020 models, including the G1, cater to gamers, and combined they enabled the C1 become my new favourite TV for gaming. The name of the new Game Optimizer refers to both a visual mode and a comprehensive menu system. The latter includes four new game genre modes, as well as all-new modifications. Standard, FPS mode (supposed to improve shadow detail), RPG mode (to improve contrast), and RTS mode are all available.

Best Gaming TV in 2022
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Peak Brightness 1000 Nits
Stars 8.9/10
Prices Starting From $1,999
Anybody looking for a TV with a slew of features will be extremely glad to wait for the Hisense U7H to hit the market. Many reviews have pitched this model to be the finest mid-priced TV for 2022. This might be the best 4k gaming tv in the market if you are on a budget.
U7H is expected to be packed with all the features that’s usually found exclusively in high end TVs. Gamers are in for a generous treat of native 120Hz refresh, HDMI 2.1, VRR, ALLM, Game Mode Pro and a peak brightness of 1000 Nits!
Any high-end TV with all these premium specifications would be priced at least a thousand dollars more. Kudos to Hisense for the ability to bring down manufacturing costs and pass down the savings to all users!

Best Gaming TV in 2022
Hisense U7H

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