Best Gaming TV for PS5

Best TV for PS5: 9 Proven Hacks to pick the Best TV for PS5

Get the best TV for PS5 right for first timers.

How can we choose the best TV for PS5 the first time around? Do you need a special TV for PS5?
Gaming specifications may be extremely deceiving at times, leading players the wrong way. It’s a tough game to get it right the first time. You’re in luck as this is the only article you’ll need!
Fans of Sony PS5 often faced the issue of grabbing hold of a unit in recent memory.
The PS5 is likely the most successful Sony PlayStation console ever, with demand well outstripping supply. Pre-orders also have a considerable wait period. It’s not shocking to find the PS5 main website’s “out of stock” status.
Just when most gamers felt they had acquired their most coveted console and could live happily ever after, another hurdle inadvertently unfolds.

Best Gaming TV for PS5
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Why most Gamers can’t gear the Best PS5 TV for the most solid experience?

As Sony’s flagship gaming console, PS5 is created with Nex-gen gaming capabilities, it has to be matched with the best gaming TV calibrations of the same league to maximize display capacity.

The optimum gaming experience can only be realized when its capabilities are maxed out in response to increasing input data .

The same can be said of new PS5 games which are produced in 120fps@4K resolution. In 2022 alone, there are already more than 25 PS5 games which are produced with 120fps support as of March!
Avid gamers of PS5 cannot afford to overlook this pivotal trend.

Not all TV is fully optimized for PS5 according to this link by Sony:

Best Gaming TV Setup PS5
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Why 120fps is better for gaming?

The motion picture cannot be as smooth at 60 frames per second (fps) as one created at 120 frames per second. In fact, we may anticipate a twofold increase in production quality. That’s a 100 percent improvement over the previous model’s image quality!
Gamers are indeed very fortunate to be living in this age of tremendous technological innovation.
All contemporary TVs with 60Hz refresh rates cannot optimize video at 120fps(Frames per second), with the exception of a few “high end” TVs on the market that can refresh at 120Hz@4K resolution.

Best Gaming TV
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9 out of 10 smart TVs not optimized for PS5 currently

At present, even if most TVs can refresh at 120Hz, they can only support output at a lesser resolution of 720p or 1080p in all likelihood. This is due to limitations in the GPU (Graphics card) specifications, which result in decreased performance and visual quality.
To optimize the best TV for PS5, the TV must refresh at 120Hz and also generate at least 4K resolution at the same time. This feature is known as 120Hz Native Refresh Rate in the gaming community.

Best PS5 Games 120FPS Video
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Why do 120fps gaming content require TV@120Hz refresh rate?

The refresh rate of a TV simply refers to how quickly it can flash individual visual frames per second. If 120fps (frames per second) game video is loaded into a 60Hz TV, the final display output will be a 60fps motion image only.
The FPS determines the fluidity of the motion picture. The higher the FPS, the higher the quality and hence the viewing experience. However, only a higher refresh rate TV of 120Hz, can the 120FPS content serve its primary purpose of extreme fluid motion.

Higher Refresh Rate TV

120Hz Native Refresh Rate is a Non-negotiable Option

Going forward, PS5 gamers could indeed encounter performance challenges with their existing TV unless the refresh rate is upgraded from 60Hz to native 120Hz. Gamers will reap the most from 120Hz, which means the TV can refresh 120 times per second.
Under-performance will result in a terrible overall game experience. 
Just like Ferrari owners who will not scrimp on the finest low-profile sports tyres and rims available, people who have spent a fortune on the PS5 console will only settle for the best TV for PS5.

120FPS PS5 Games
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Problems with Smart TV not optimized for PS5

Below are some of the common problems seen in an under-performing gaming TV:

PS5 Gaming TV Setup
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Small Screen Size

Although a small screen size does not amount to a big problem, but it does reduce the gaming immersion experience. It can be extremely frustrating when you fight a Big-Boss on a small screen in the final showdown!

Lagginess / Unresponsiveness

This is one of the biggest pain points on the top of the gamers’ blacklist. A laggy TV display is the primary cause of losing a game. Speed and responsiveness is everything.

Refresh rate

You can’t beat what you can’t see. When the image is not fast enough to provide the fastest feedback, the fastest player online will win. The difference in speed is the deciding factor between winning and losing. This occurs when the TV refresh rate cannot keep up as complexities in the gaming scene escalates.

Screen Tearing & Juddering

These can happen when the refresh speed is unable to support the demands of the game. It’s a nightmare scenario most gamers would hate to face.


Blurry effects caused by a trail of pixels behind a moving object due to sub-par performance or inadequate specs. The entire game would be ruin by ghosting.

HDMI ports

Incompatibility of HDMI ports with console is one of the critical aspects gamers must heed. The incumbent features such as 4K resolution or 120Hz refresh rate may not be manifested with a lower HDMI version.

TV GPU Chipset

How well a gaming TV can perform is largely due to the processing power of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Underperformance is chiefly due to deficiency in the specifications of hardware.

Lackadaisical VRR – VRR stands for Variable Refresh Rate.

When multiple enemies appear within the game, the refresh rate has to ramp up and sync with the increase in frames produced by the GPU. The VRR function has to gear up and cannot let up in performance.

Lack of Holistic gamer-centric design

The sum of all parts doesn’t make a greater whole. Obviously, specification is King when selecting a gaming TV. Individual specs of every part not only have to deliver peak performance but also complement seamlessly with each component.

The Story doesn’t end there with Native 120Hz TV

Unfortunately, simply having a 120Hz television isn’t enough. You’ll need to cover all the bases to optimize for the best TV for PS5.

How would the next-GEN gaming TV be the game-changer for console gamers?

One would expect prices for next-Gen TV to double with a quantum leap in technology but no, surprisingly, the doubling of technology translates into smaller price increments.
In fact, there’s never been a better time for upgrading to the next-Gen TV than now!

Problems with Low Refresh Rates
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What are the 9 potent Tips when picking the best TV for PS5?

 Take heed that every effects and points provided below build on each other and is critical to the selection of the best TV for PS5. You can’t do without any single one of them.

PS5 Gaming TV Setup
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1. Screen Size

Obviously screen size is important for a PS5 gaming TV, it’ll boost your gaming experience by tenfold when you get the size right!
In split-screen multiplayer games, it’s definitely more fun with a big screen. What’s the best tv size for ps5?
Check out our guide to pick the size here.

2. Refresh rate

Insist on minimum performance Native 120Hz at 4K Resolution. 120fps@4K
Native 120Hz is the keyword for all gamers

3. MEMC stands for Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation.

When it comes to gaming, MEMC refresh rate doesn’t fit the square peg in a round hole. So, any claims of 120Hz without Native Refresh just doesn’t cut it.

4. HDMI 2.1

Insist on at least 4 ports of HDMI 2.1 . At least 2 of the ports must be able to render frames in 4K resolution at the 120Hz refresh rate. These ports are a must-haves in the best TV for PS5 and it serves to future-proof the specifications of your TV. In this way, it’ll be some time down the road before you even need to upgrade to another PS5 gaming TV.

5 ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode or Game Mode)

ALLM alludes to the Game Mode in Gaming TV and this function automatically switches the TV into low latency Game Mode required for responsiveness whenever the PS5 is connected.
This latency influences game responsiveness, such as how long it takes from pressing a button to seeing the consequent action on the screen.

6. VRR - Variable Refresh Rate

This function enables the PS5 to increase the video frames as fast as it can to provide the best gaming effects. It’s like stepping on an accelerator whenever it’s required.

7. GPU Horsepower – Quick Frame Support (QFT)

The GPU is the engine required to deliver fully rendered frames in the shortest period of time(milliseconds).
It’s absolutely essential for next-Gen gaming TV to have the best-in-class GPU to support QFT function for fluid gaming. This is a paramount factor for high-intensity multi-tasking in PS5 games.

8. High power TV Chipset

The core of a device processing power stems from the TV Chipset. Your processor needs to be packed with power for the extra juice in fast paced games. 

You can get it right in for everything but if you miss this most important element, all things can fall apart.

TV Chipset Technology
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9. Data Speed of 48GPS

Besides the previous 8 tips, you’ll also need to check that your TV can handle a data speed of 48Gbps.
Not all screens do, but because 4K HDR at 120 frames per second translates to 48Gbps of data, that’s the only way to really experience 120 FPS gaming on PS5.

With all of these useful tips in hand, newbie or pro gamers will never have to worry about selecting the best TV for PS5 on the market!
In our upcoming piece, we’ll propose the greatest Nex-Gen gaming TV with all of these awesome features. 

PS5 120FPS Feline 2022
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